Teressa "Tessa" Blackwater

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Domain: Prague

Name: Teressa "Tessa" Blackwater

Clan: Clan of the Roses

Position: Primogen

Status: Ancilla

Guild: /

Sire: Matthias Medeos

Motto: “Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that m****'s reflection.”

Tessa was a noble-born lady. She tasted the richer and privileges of those born with blue blood in the high society of Victorian England. She also tasted the poverty and misery of England´s lowest places, and this made her parched and stark in many ways. Survival is one of her most evovled instincts. Should you ever ask, she would admit, that she was one of the most succesfull and rich prostitutes in London at the end of her life. She sees no shame in doing whatever is necessary to survive and win back the lifestyle one is used to.

It is known, that she fought next to her father during the WWII. on the side of Allies and served not only as a spy and messenger, but also on the battlefield. A soldiers duty and honor are well known terms and she takes them as one of the foundation of good behavior and charater. Still, she would rather talk ´till the morning than pick up a weapon again - diplomacy and charm are one of the strongest weapons a delicate lady can has. She sees her un-living as a gift given to her in the very last minute of her life, so she could create art and enjoy beauties of the world; perhaps amend things that were broken. She has strong sence of duty to her homeland, to her Sire, her Prince and Domain and of course the Clan.

She owns an estate in Devon, and the rumor has it she used to own a rather large collection of art of unknown value.

It is known, that she was taking care of two adoptive Progeny - Amelia of clan Gangrel, who was her companion for nearly 60 years, after she left her side, and Šery, a cultist turned Malkavian, who later joined Sabbat and was executed in autumn 2014. Tessa swore to never raise another Progeny of her own.

It is known, that she came to Prague while hunting murder of her Sire. Being quite new to Domain Prague, she spent a very short time being amongst the memebers of clan Toreador, until she took the title of Primogen after the former Primogen had left the city. She´s holding a big portion of Prague Camarilla´s contact and is taking care of the coverage of Masquarade breaches. She´s a social animal and is always looking for a good chat and good conversation partners. Manners and ettiquete are alfa and omega, it doesn´t matter if you´re Neonate or Elder. If you behave like a yokel, you ARE a yokel and a title can not change it.

She loves dresses, jewellery and hats, men in uniforms and art of any kind. Her everlasting passion are books and knowledge. She is in touch with finest archaelogistst and historians around the world, being a Patron to wast excavations in Turkey. Should you ever need an artifact, there´s a good chance Tessa might know, how to obtain it - and with great pleasure, of course!