Storm, Franklin T.

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Franklin Tiberius Storm Neonate Clan Ventrue Childe of Lord Thelonious Farnsworth (further inquiries about Storms lineage are to be asked via mail)

Little is known about Storms time before his embrace by Lord Farnsworth, only that he served his Sire as bodyguard and head of security for long years. After his embrace, Storm established a network of contacts during various operations and missions he led for his Sire. These contacts made it possible to set up his own business "Storm Enterprises" in Glasgow after he was released by Farnsworth. This enterprise is working mainly in the security business, providing security solutions for persons and properties. The second branch of his enterprise is headlined "counsellor services", indicating a wide range of possibilities, like gathering intelligence, giving advice and providing practical solutions. The enterprise itself has branches in Scotland (Glasgow) and Hungary (Györ). There also was an agency in Germany (Heidelberg), but due to special circumstances it was taken over by local Ventrue in late 2011. But even without a foothold in form of an agency, Storm was present in many Domains in Western and Southern Germany between 2006 and 2012.

Storms first appearance on the international political Kindred stage was on the Konklave in Bacharach 2014 were his causa was brought before the Justicar Lucinde: Events in Heidelberg had resulted in a possible hunt for his blood. The Justicar ordered any hostilities against Storm to be stalled until final researches clarified the accusation. As a result Storm left Germany for Györ where Prince Wittmann offered him shelter. In the following year Storm visited the Domain Marburg many times and worked as kind of a liaison for both Domains. While on his way back to Györ in June 2014, Storm and his Ghoul Kristina Kurz were attacked by possible Sabbath raiders. This led to Kurz' wounding and after returning to Marburg, Storm was granted the right to sire her by Prince Waldenström zu Brückner.

In December 2014 the Bloodhunt was officially revoked by Prince Kalt of Koblenz requested by Archon Balthasar Cornelius who investigated Storms causa. Nevertheless Storm stayed in Györ and rarely visited Germany.

He was present on the 200th anniversary of the Domain of Marburg where deals where made that might lead him to take a Haven in the Domain of Koblenz.