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As the V.I.C. creed goes: this is for reference reasons to see how this NPC has been used in the past and how she may be represented if you want to use her.

Lucinde was announct Justicar of her clan in 1998 - shortly before Xavier and the Gangrel left. It is known, that she was the only one who keept here gangrel archons, after they sworn an oath. She sets a high value to loyality and is an evil enemy, if she gets betrayed. She is a hard Annihilator of the Sabbat, and since her conklave in 2014 she travels through europe and eastward. After the Conclave she appointed an elder of the clan Gangrel to here archont.

Also there are rumors, that she has secret meetings with persons of influence. But nobody knows about her goals.

Appearances in the V.I.C